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As a private, non-profit organization, Mile High 360 relies on the support of many different sources of funding, none of which are guaranteed year after year. Mile High 360 works hard to leverage every dollar efficiently. We abide by the Donor Bill of Rights and encourage donors to read our annual reports and Financial Statements

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Other Ways to Donate

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Donate By Mail

If you prefer to give by mail, please mail your contribution to:

Mile High 360
PO Box 40160
Denver, CO 80204-0160

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DOnate Event Tickets

Donated tickets to sporting and cultural events can provide unique enrichment opportunities for
our students.

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DOnate Miles

Donated airline miles help send students on trips to camps, tournaments, summer
academic experiences and conferences.

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You will join a special group of committed donors that supports Denver Public School students from West Leadership Academy, West Early College and The Early College Education Center on an ongoing basis! Mile High 360 asks its students to make a 13-year commitment! Will you also make that commitment?

Together, we can give children, teens and young adults the ability and guidance to reach their full potential and afford them the opportunities to build great futures.

For as little as $15 a month (50¢/day), you can help inspire and empower youth to pursue higher education and to build a better future for themselves. Your donation allows us to respond to each child’s unique needs through academic, health & wellness and life skills programming. It allows Mile High 360 to continue to provide enriching opportunities and resources to our students. It allows us to build solid foundations with parents and families with regard to their students’ educational success as well as stability within the family.


Monthly giving lets you spread your giving throughout the year, easily budget for giving and make an ongoing commitment to Mile High 360. As a member of Club 360, you will receive:

If your company has a matching donation program, please reach out to Natalie Martinez at or 303.594.1805.

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The monthly giving program automatically transfers your donation directly from your credit card or ACH to Mile High 360 on the same day of each month. Join Club 360, today and start helping students on an ongoing basis! To update your personal information, cancel your donation, change your monthly donation amount or set up an ACH withdrawal, contact Natalie Martinez at or 303.594.1805


$15/month (only 50¢ a day)

Supplies books and other learning materials for 1 college-prep course for a class of 20 students for the academic year.

$20/month (only 65¢ a day)

Supports 5 hours of financial aid and scholarship assistance and guidance for post-secondary students.

$25/month (only 82¢ a day)

Gives 10 high school seniors the opportunity to do an overnight visit to colleges.

$50/month (only $1.67 a day)

Offers 4 hours of resume preparation and career counseling to 6 young adult students entering the workforce.

$75/month (only $2.50 a day)

Sends 2 students to an overnight, recreational summer camp for 2 weeks.

$100/month (only $3.33 a day)

Affords 1 student the opportunity to participate in a cross-country bike ride with Overland Bike Tours.

$250/month (only $8.25 a day)

Covers 450 hours of academic, health & wellness and life skills programming for one student for a year.

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Child Care Tax Credit

Whether you itemize your Federal Income Taxes or not, there's still a great Colorado State Tax Credit available for donors of $250 or more. As an added benefit to our donors, monetary donations to Mile High 360 may be eligible for the COLORADO CHILD CARE TAX CREDIT.

Half of your donation will be offset by a dollar-for-dollar credit against your Colorado income
taxes. You will still be able to claim your full contribution as a charitable deduction on your federal and state income tax returns if you itemize deductions.


Upon request, Mile High Squash, (DBA Mile High 360) will provide a signed letter that states the amount of the cash gift, along with the DR1317 tax form certifying the child care contribution.

For more details, read on.

Please contact Natalie Martinez at with any questions.

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