Mile High 360 is excited to be working with its students this summer.
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Fundraising Support

When you sign up to Ride, Raise and Revel with Mile High 360, you have the ability to change the life of a Mile High 360 student.


Can provide a bicycle, helmet and uniform for a Mile High 360 student - introducing them to the fun and independence cycling can provide.


Can provide a Mile High 360 student with a week of out-of-school programming, including project based learning activities, bicycle safety lessons and rides.


Can provide a Mile High 360 student the opportunity to ride in an organized cycling event to show off their newly-gained skills.

We've got tips and tools to make hitting and surpassing that $500 a piece of cake!

Need fundraising ideas or support? Please contact Natalie Martinez by email at or call 303.594.1805.

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