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2020 RACE TO 360

Race to 360 is a two-week, virtual group fitness challenge! Six person teams will compete to log 360 minutes per person for two consecutive weeks of any exercise activity. Each team member has to get at least 6 hours per week (total of 12 hours per person across the two weeks) You are only as strong as your weakest link! Activities can be anything – walking, riding bikes, running, swimming, yoga, hiking, etc., but they must be logged in the Strava iOS/Android application as a Run, Ride, or Swim in order for your time to be logged on the leaderboard of the event club. The activities will be posted in the 2020 Race to 360 Strava Club.

Each team that can log 360 minutes per person for two weeks will receive a Race to 360 event t-shirt. There will be one winning team based on total activity time logged across the two weeks. The winning team will get their t-shirts plus inaugural 2020 Race to 360 medals signifying them as event champions! The purpose of the event is to get people outside and active during the quarantine fever!

Get you team together or sign up as an individual participant, and we will get you on a team with other individual competitors.


Event Dates: July 6, 2020 – July 19, 2020
6 Person Teams: If you cannot find six people, we will put you on a team!
Minimum Individual Donation: $25 – Any donation $50 and over guarantees a t-shirt!
Personal Goal: 360 minutes per week
Team Goal: 36 hours per week
Be sure to enter a team name upon donating, so we can track your team’s progress.
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Strava is a social-fitness network that connects and displays individuals’ activities and related performance data. We are asking participants to start Strava, an iOS/Android application, before their activities (it also works with GPS Watches, Fitbits and bike head units), so we can track times for the competition. We will be tracking individuals’ and teams’ time by using Strava. Activities not tracked on Strava will not count toward the leaderboard!