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Closing Out the 2019-2020 School Year

May 31, 2020

springtime wrap-up and into summertime

Wishing you the best on Memorial Day -

What an unbelievable last couple of months. Very little has felt right, stable, or certain. However, it felt right for Mile High 360 to keep going and keep going we did. Did we miss a beat, yes, and we, like so many people, had Zoom mishaps (frozen faces in awkward positions, kids running through the background, bad hair days, and the list goes on). Did every student matriculate to the next grade, yes. Did every high school senior get accepted to a post-secondary institution, yes. Does every high school senior plan to attend his or her post-secondary institution of choice in the fall, yes. And, did our post-secondary students keep going, yes? With all of your help and the hard work of students and their parents, staff members, board members, and volunteers, Mile High 360 kept going; the students continued to make progress.

Not only did Mile High 360 continue with its mission driven work but it expanded its interpretation of its mission to see its way clear to provide direct support to its families - Mile High 360 is assisting about 30% of its families with basic needs. A parent recently shared with us: "I just wanted to reach out not just to you, but to the organization as a whole. The aid we've been receiving during this pandemic is astronomical and we truly cannot put into words the huge weight it is lifting off our shoulders. There is no worse feeling than being in a difficult position and not being able to do something about it. Thank you so much for allowing us not to stay in that difficult position." There is no doubt that Mile High 360 made the right decision!

All the best,


High School Seniors

Mile High 360's class of 2020 rocked it! That is not to say there were not ups, downs, and a little bit of craziness during the past four years. It is to acknowledge that the senior class got the job done - each one graduated from high school, on time, and is enrolled for the fall of 2020. And, where are they going...

  • Karla will be attending Community College of Denver
  • Zuriah will be attending The University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Fransee will be attending Colorado State University. Fransee was selected to speak at graduation as Head Girl and gave a very moving speech this past Saturday about her time at West Leadership Academy
  • Nayeli will be attending the Community College of Denver
  • Fernando will be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. Fernando won the Daniels Fund Scholarship.
  • Arturo will be attending The University of Northern Colorado
  • Jorge will be attending The Community College of Denver
  • Wendy will be attending The University of New Mexico. Wendy won a 4-year Booster Scholarship from the Squash + Education Alliance

Summertime Programming

Summertime programming is a favorite for students...Mile High 360 students love to attend outdoor wilderness camps, bike across the country (yes, coast to coast), attend summer school and pre-collegiate programs, hike through the Rockies, bike in Estes Park and Frisco, read amazing books, go swimming, write stories, and get a jump on college applications (that is not always as much fun as Mile High 360 staff members make it out to be). That is what we had in store for students this summer; COVID-19 has changed the summer but it certainly has not ended it.

The mantra for this summer is "Stay healthy and active." Following local, state, and federal guidelines, Mile High 360 is planning to hold two three-week camp sessions: June 15th - July 3rd and July 27th - August 14th. The hope, fingers crossed, is to be able to hold these sessions outside and face-to-face. Students will spend most of their time on bikes, exercising in safe and fun ways. Stay tuned for our summer recap to see how everything turned out.

Get Fit and Get Involved

This summer there are three options for supporting Mile High 360 and its students.

  1. Join us for the Make Miles Matter cycling event on Saturday, June 6th. Riders of all levels will come together, in the comfort of their own homes, to ride the 2012 London Paralympic Road Course on Zwift. Ali Jones - US Paralympic Road Racing Gold Medalist - will lead the ride. And, for those wanting to get out and ride on one's own, we encourage you to ride to the top of Lookout Mt. that same morning.  Learn more about it here and donate here. This year's Make Miles Matter event has no overhead costs; therefore, all the funds raised will go towards programming.
  2. Join Mile High 360's Associate Board in its Race to 360! Race to 360 is a two-week fitness challenge. It starts June 15th and ends June 28th. Using Strava to keep track of everyone's work, teams of six (6) people will compete to log 360 minutes of exercise per person/per week. The goals are to get people active and raise awareness and funds for Mile High 360. Go to to learn more (event details go up June 1).
  3. Ready your clubs, practice your swing, and save Monday, August 17th for Mile High 360's 6th Annual Tee It Up for College Golf Tournament at The Club at Rolling Hills. A special invitation will be coming out shortly! And, check on June 1 for the live event page!