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Students join Mile High 360 in the 6th grade and continue through the program until age 24. A successful educational experience - one that inspires, instills a desire to learn more, and places a high value on education - is not solely about what happens inside school walls. School success and achievement outcomes are deeply affected by a variety of factors that are outside a school’s control. Mile High 360 acts as a complementary partner throughout a student’s youth and into young adulthood, committed to providing support in other areas of life critical to success that may not have been available otherwise.

Jesus Headshot
Age 21

Jesus Baez graduated from Arrupe Jesuit High School in May of 2018 and received over $52,000 in scholarships and grants to attend the University of Denver. He is about to finish his freshman year studying Business Finance and Political Science. This year, he was invited to help found the Delta Chi fraternity on the DU campus, and recently just started an internship with Congressman Crow in Aurora. In addition to school, activities, and internships, Jesus has been returning to Impact360 practices to volunteer with our high school students on the squash courts.

Ana Headshot
Age 22

Analeigh Padilla is a freshman at West Leadership Academy and has been with Impact 360 since her 7th grade year. She is an avid cycling advocate and has represented Impact at the Youth Bike summit two years in a row. She is passionate about theater, writing and giving back to her community. She single-handedly initiated a project this winter to collect and distribute much needed items to women’s shelters.

Francisco Headshot
Age 19

Francisco Samayoa is a 7th grader at West Leadership Academy in his second year with Impact 360. He shows amazing commitment to the program, hardly ever missing a day of practice and even attends extra practices on his off days to assist staff with the younger students. He is representing Impact 360 on the Front Rangers Junior Cycling Team this spring and summer. He is passionate about the sport of cycling and technology.

Jared Headshot
Age 18

Jared Hernandez is a 10th grader at West Leadership Academy in his third year with Impact 360. He has represented the group two years in a row at the Youth Bike Summit cycling advocacy conference and has ridden across the entire state of Vermont in a three-week bikepacking trip. Aside from his activities with Impact, he is the captain of his ROTC squad and will travel to Utah in April to represent his entire school in their competition. This summer he will ride across Nova Scotia and Acadia for three weeks.

Vanessa Headshot
Age 21

Vanessa Menchaca-Soto is in her second semester with Mile High 360 She joined the program with a friend and says she stayed because she loves the dedication of the Mile High 360 staff to the students. Vanessa sees herself as a hardworking student, and her favorite classes are English and Math, she is a fantastic communicator and enjoys making book recommendations to her peers.  This year she wants to learn a new language, as she wants to communicate with different people. Vanessa would like to become a psychologist, and is enthralled by the workings of the human brain.

Amari Headshot
Age 22

Amari Boswell is a freshman at West Leadership Academy rounding the corner on her fourth year with the Mile High 360 cycling team. She has represented Mile High 360 at the Youth Bike Summit first in Washington DC and this year in New York. This winter she took her bike mechanics skills to the next level when she undertook a bold project-building up a bike from scratch for one of her teachers. Twice she was selected as one of two Impact 360 students to attend an Overland Summers camp. Her first trip was a two-week bike-packing trip across Cape Cod and the islands and this summer she will bike-pack for three weeks across Montana and the Canadian Rockies.