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From 6th Grade Through Age 24

Over 14 years, each student will participate in 4,000 hours
of formal and informal support across four interconnected areas:
Academics, Health and Wellness, Life Skills,
and Mentoring

Mile High 360 provides students with long-term and year-round access to essential out-of-school resources in four core areas: Academics, Health & Wellness, Life Skills, and Mentoring. Mile High 360 spearheads a network of opportunities, connecting in a variety of ways with the school, community, and family systems to create a collective impact beyond what any one entity could achieve on its own.

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Academic Support

Mile High 360 provides academic support and enrichment throughout the school year and summer months.


Homework Help

  • Students participate in one-on-one and group academic sessions.

Literacy Enrichment

  • Students participate in two Project-Based Learning projects (focusing on composition) each academic year.

Study Skills Development

  • Students in grades 6 - 8 learn how to prepare for subject-specific assessments. Students learn how to study both independently and collaboratively.
  • Students in grades 9 - 12 participate in discipline-specific study sessions.

College Prep

  • Middle school students visit two college campuses each year.
  • Students in grades 9 - 10 visit four college campuses each year.
  • Students in 11th grade participate in SAT prep classes with Denver Test Prep and identify colleges and post-secondary institutions of interest.
  • Seniors apply to their post-secondary institutions of choice, complete the FAFSA financial aid application, and apply for scholarships.


Academic Advising

  • Students transition to post-secondary life with guidance from the Mile High 360 Post-Secondary Coordinator.
  • Students participate in individual and group study sessions.
  • Students receive support with challenges they may face in their post-secondary path, from course section to finding housing and employment.




  • Cycling is Mile High 360's anchor activity in its Health & Wellness programming sleeve. Starting in 6th grade, students begin to develop their cycling by learning to maneuver through the city streets. Students participate in and support the local cycling community, joining BRAC and USA Cycling. Students ride in progressively more complex, longer, and larger rides in and outside of Colorado as they move from one grade to the next. Additionally, students develop mechanical proficiency and are able to keep their bikes in tip-top shape.

Mental Health Support

  • In group and individual settings, students work with on-site counselors and participate in social emotional support classes to encourage positive social emotional health.


  • Students learn about the importance of a healthy diet and how to identify foods that will support high levels of performance.

Human Development

  • In grade level classes, students participate in formal classes led by professional instructors to educate them about puberty, anatomy, healthy relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

  • Students participate in short curricular units on the impact drugs including narcotics, stimulants, depressants and alcohol, impressing the negative impact they can have on a developing body and brain.


  • While squash allowed Mile High 360 to take root in Denver, it is not currently a viable sport for Mile High 360 students. We expect to bring squash back online in 2023.


Mental Health Support

  • Students have formal and informal access to mental health professionals to confidentially discuss challenges and stressors in their lives.


  • Each student receives a bike upon graduation from high school and is prepared to use that bike as his/her primary means of transportation in college. Post-secondary students come back to help run cycling practices and are encouraged to ride local rides throughout their time in college.


Mile High 360 provides life skills resources and opportunities for students at every level.


Community Service

  • Students participate in service projects for at least 20 hours per year, increasing their civic engagement by giving back to their community.

Mentor Program

  • Mile High 360 connects each student with an adult, providing a long-term, consistent and stable relationship, and challenging both the mentee and the mentor in new, diverse experiences.

Financial Health

  • Students in grades 10-12 participate in financial literacy workshops to provide a basic understanding of budgeting and lay the groundwork to understand post-secondary financing.

Camps, Travel and Extended Learning

  • Through organizational partnerships, students are encouraged to challenge themselves through a wide array of camp activities. Students can participate in tournaments, educational intensives, bike rides, and camps across the country.

Speaker Series

  • Twice each year, Mile High 360 invites a speaker to present his or her personal story to students and their parents. Students and parents hear how education was used as a transformational tool.


  • With a variety of partners, Mile High 360 provides high school seniors with internship opportunities. These internships place Mile High 360 students in challenging professional positions that provide pertinent career experiences and build social networks.


Financial Health

  • Post-secondary students participate in financial health workshops that impress how financial stress can affect their well-being, and provide tools and strategies to manage resources, reduce stress, and improve health.
  • Post-secondary students receive support in evaluating student loans, scholarships and grants to put them on strong financial footing when they complete their post-secondary track.

Speaker Series

  • Post-secondary students are invited to join all Mile High 360 students in our Speaker Series, introducing them to individuals who have used their education as a transformational tool.

Career Preparation

  • Post-secondary students build resumes, practice networking and job interview techniques, and have access to internship opportunities. Students also receive support in job hunting, and direction on how to create a healthy school/work balance throughout their post-secondary track.


Mile High 360 partners with a child’s school and teachers across a range of core subjects to collectively improve student outcomes and create a more vibrant community.


Mile High 360 partners with a child’s close-knit community including church, neighbors, friends or other support groups to collectively improve student outcomes and empower the child to reach their full potential.


Mile High 360 partners with a child’s family to ensure they are receiving the values, support and care necessary for a bright, healthy future.

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