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We’re looking for great people to help in our three core areas: Academics, Health & Wellness, and Life skills. We believe all three areas help students be more successful in making positive life decisions. If you are interested in helping in one or more of these areas, we’d love to hear from you. If working with students directly isn't your calling, we also need volunteers to help in our office and with special event planning!

PLEASE CONTACT:   Kate Millman, Director of Programming, at with any questions.

Ways to Volunteer

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Our program volunteers support the cycling  coordinators by reinforcing the safety and fundamentals of cycling. These volunteers also lead drills and participate in cycling rides.

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Mentoring & Tutoring

Our tutoring volunteers assist middle school, high school, and/or post-secondary students with homework, skills enrichment, and/or college prep work. Mentors provide ongoing support to individual students in the program.

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Administration & Events

Mile High 360 holds numerous events throughout the year including fundraising events, family nights, community service projects, and special field trips. Additional volunteers ensure these events and outings run smoothly and support our students.

Volunteer Spotlight

Drew Lawrence Headshot
Drew Lawrence
Age 21

Drew came to Mile High 360 in October, 2018 as an academic tutor. He volunteers because he believes in the mission and values the deep relationships students have with the program. “Selfishly, I volunteer because of the joy that I feel every time that I show up and see everyone and the fact that I'm able to help students achieve their goals.”  Drew enjoys being able to contribute his experiences while learning from the students’ own experiences. and learn from them. He gains insight into how people learn, how they relate to things, and what motivates them, and he loves seeing the progress that can be made in a short period of time.

“I've really enjoyed seeing how students approach things - from school work to career ambitions to how their hobbies and passions align. The students’ smiles and happiness I see each time we meet, even if things aren't always 'great', remind me to be grateful and thankful for the people in my life”

Margaret Vieira Headshot
Margaret Vieira
Age 21

Margaret is an Academic Tutor for the 6th grade cycling students. She became involved with Impact360 because she loves getting involved with local organizations and specifically working with kids. “I'm a math nerd so selfishly it is fun to be able to work with the kids on different projects and assignments. The kids are really bright and have great energy, which keeps me coming back!”

Margaret works with one student, Jenny, frequently during tutoring sessions. Jenny’s mom requested Impact360 challenge her daughter in areas beyond her normal classroom lessons.  “She is very bright and we spend a lot of time doing math problems. It's especially fun to work with her because she is always open to learning new methods and new types of problems/formulas outside of what she is doing in class,” Margaret explained. Margaret believes Impact360 is important because students are provided the opportunity to share something they enjoy and they aren't bound by what is going on in the normal classroom. “The program offers challenging math problems and news articles that go outside of the classroom.”

Cath Coucoules Headshot
Cath Coucoules
Age 21

Cath is a veteran volunteer with Mile High 360, having served the organization for 11 consecutive years in virtually every possible capacity. She has served as a chaperone, coach, tutor, and event coordinator, as well as a mentor to two young women.

Cath, who will tell you she isn’t doing “much,” is currently focused on three volunteer positions: serving as an academic tutor to Cinthia, one of Mile High 360’s High School seniors, providing academic support to West Leadership Academy students, and coordinating hospitality for the 2019 Anschutz-Hunt Challenge Cup and Glass Court Bash. When you see Cath out and about, please be sure to ask about Mike High 360 and specifically Cinthia. Cath will tell you all you want to know, and have you ready to volunteer as well!

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