Postsecondary education transforms and empowers lives

Mile High 360 is empowering first-generation postsecondary students to support their successful journey to a higher education degree and early career.


Postsecondary education is for everyone

A postsecondary degree dramatically improves economic mobility and quality of life outcomes. Yet too many young people from historically underserved and low-income communities lack equitable and meaningful access to the opportunities and resources that help make this journey possible.

We’re working to change this. Mile High 360 is a community nonprofit organization working to expand access to the transformative power of a higher education degree.

There’s a smart way to expand access to postsecondary opportunities

For too many young people today, access to the transformative power of higher education stands between them and their full life potential.

That’s where Mile High 360 comes in. Through our 14-year student commitment, we provide a wraparound program of extracurricular support and enrichment from 6th grade through age 24.

Our approach is working! Mile High 360 students are on a path to becoming first-generation higher education graduates, entering early careers, and building a life of independence.

$10 empowers a student in need with lasting skills to succeed in school and in life

Your donation is an investment

Together, we are mobilizing and leveraging essential Out of School Time (OST) resources and opportunities to build a resource-rich educational environment for young people committed to charting a path to a postsecondary degree. By supporting Mile High 360, you are part of a solution that reaches more young people in need.

Meet Cinthia, Nasly, and Carlo

As students in a Title I middle school, siblings Cinthia, Nasly, and Carlo began their journey at Mile High 360 in 6th grade. They found immediate access to essential resources and support across our five OST solution areas: Academics, Health & Wellness, Life Skills, Mentoring, and Two-Generation.

Cinthia is just one of the many students Mile High 360 is empowering with access to educational support and life skills mentoring to help them achieve their dreams.

With the opportunities enabled by Mile High 360, Cinthia was able to successfully matriculate at a four-year college while also launching and operating her own fitness center start-up. And with Mile High 360 supporting them every step of the way, younger siblings Nasly and Carlo have successfully navigated middle school while also working at Cinthia’s fitness studio. Each is on a path to join their older sister as first-generation postsecondary degree graduates.

Our history and leadership

Founded in 2008, Mile High 360 has been led by executive director Eric Eiteljorg since 2011. Today, we employ a unique co-leadership model where students collaborate with staff to shape programming and support each cohort through mentoring and community connectedness.

Financial stewardship

Financial transparency is core to the stewardship of our funding partners’ investment in Mile High 360. Through our Form 990s and annual financial reviews and disclosures, we provide detailed breakdowns of our spending methodology to demonstrate clearly and transparently how we deploy our finances to maximize return on investment.

Partnering to solve the education crisis

We are fortunate to work with amazing partners who share our passion and vision. We believe that success in education and in life depends on more than just school time and is why we take a holistic approach that addresses complementary Out of School Time factors such as belief in the value of education, family and cultural expectations, nutrition, mental health, and much more. Together, we are creating powerful conditions to transform lives.

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