Our Impact

Transforming lives with Out of School Time

Today’s young people are charting a path to, and through, a postsecondary degree with access to critical Out of School Time (OST) opportunities enabled by Mile High 360 that supplement and complement their school experience.

We celebrate the lives transformed and recognize there is more to be done as we continue our work. In pursuit of our vision of expanded higher education opportunity, we are deepening our impact – constantly exploring new ways to positively impact the education crisis.

We invite you to see how your support transforms lives by learning more about the young people we empower, where we work, the research driving our impact, and the magnitude of the education crisis.

Meet the people we empower

More young people today are gaining access to essential OST enrichment — critical to charting their path to, and through, a postsecondary degree and improved life outcomes.

Read their stories to see how, together, we are transforming lives.

Middle School
High School
Post Secondary
Early Career

We work across four transitional stages of young people

Across four key transitional stages of our students, we are turning your generosity and support into transformational opportunity.

Learn more about where we work and why.

The education crisis affects millions of young people and their families

Today, millions of young people and their families lack access to Out of School Time opportunities. We give our everything every day to change this because we understand the power of extracurricular enrichment to transform lives. Access to OST programming can turn limitations into potential — empowering young people with self-belief in the transformative power of a postsecondary degree, and contributing to economic mobility, health and wellness, and improved life outcomes.

We will achieve our vision of expanded access to higher education by continuing to unlock more opportunities dedicated to addressing the education crisis — and by reducing barriers that stand between young people in need and access to postsecondary education.

Driving impact in three ways

Partnering directly with institutions that break the cycle of intergenerational poverty

We partner with organizations that are committed to closing the educational opportunity gap by highlighting the critical role played by OST programming to supplement the school experience.

Expanding partnerships to strengthen families

We work with partners across sectors such as food and nutrition, mental health, and financial education to strengthen and stabilize families. We provide technical resources, share best practices, and collaborate with stakeholders so families are in the best position to support their children’s transition from high school to postsecondary – and career.

Strengthening the educational environment for first-generation postsecondary students

We work with city and state education agencies, schools, and partners at a systems-level to impact public policy and advocate for practical changes that direct the flow of capital and resources towards increased OST programming and improved educational partnerships.

The college degree divide:5

students who graduate college from the lowest income quartile6
students who graduate college from the highest income quartile7


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We work with first-generation postsecondary bound students and their families

Our solution resonates with first-generation postsecondary students and their families — particularly ones that lack funds for private access to OST resources and opportunities, but which have a profound impact on educational and life outcomes.

The students and their families who live in the school districts where we work often qualify for free and reduced lunch and aren’t in a position to access these critical OST resources that are critical to the journey to, and through, higher education. These are the people we work every day to empower.

Our solution breaks down systematic barriers to access and empowers today’s students to achieve their postsecondary dreams

For too many young people and their families today, barriers of access to OST enrichment stand between them and their academic, career, and life potential. Mile High 360 offers transformational solutions through long-term extracurricular OST programming — essential for charting a path to, and through, higher education.

Our solutions are working! Today Mile High 360 students are becoming first-generation higher education graduates and entering career paths — leading lives defined by independence and choice.

We are reaching more young people in need with our smart solution

We continue to transform lives by removing the barriers that stand between young people and access to the transformative power of a postsecondary degree. And our impact is growing.

We’ve helped change the lives of students with access to Out of School educational opportunity through our smart, targeted programming across four life transitional stages.

Join us, and together we can change more lives with the power of education.