Why Education

Postsecondary opportunity is transformative

Today, a postsecondary degree is equivalent to a high school diploma for previous generations — enabling economic mobility, career opportunity, and healthier life outcomes.

Failure to progress beyond high school too often means being cut off from resources and opportunities that support financial empowerment, improved health, civic participation, and stronger communities.

Improved health outcomes

Education and health share a strong connection across generational and demographic profiles, where increased education levels create opportunities for better health and lead to improved lifestyle choices and behaviors, skills, and greater self-advocacy.

Increased economic mobility and employment potential

Higher levels of educational attainment are key to developing and promoting human capital by enabling greater opportunities for increased employment, job potential, and income level. Education is the best way to disrupt intergenerational poverty and is strongly correlated with economic mobility by serving as an engine for economic growth.

Greater civic engagement

Education promotes social capital and civic engagement by bringing the benefits of an educated electorate to civil society and helping build and sustain a healthy, well-functioning democracy.

Out of School Time is a smart investment

Supporting educational opportunity through Out of School Time (OST) programming is the best investment society can make to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and generate long-term societal benefits in income and employment, health, and civic engagement.

A donation to Mile High 360 is a smart investment too. Through our unique 14-year program, our solution holistically addresses the complex issues that first-generation postsecondary students must navigate in their journeys towards educational achievement and career opportunity.

We’ve empowered young people with over 3,500 hours of Out of School Time per student to achieve a postsecondary degree and into their early careers — and together we can empower many more.