Spread your passion

Brainstorm fundraising ideas for yourself or a group – anything from raising money while preparing for a triathlon to a social media fundraiser can be an effective way to spread awareness and raise funds.


Share your fundraiser

Once you decide to start your very own fundraiser, Mile High 360 will create a personal fundraising webpage for you – we can include personalized pictures and stories! You can invite friends, family, and colleagues to donate through this page.


Celebrate changed lives

Your fundraiser makes an impact on young lives by providing the resources for choice and empowerment. We thank you for your hard work!

You can do anything to raise money

There are endless options when it comes to fundraising to changes lives through OST opportunity.

Mike inspired friends, family, and colleagues to support an organization he cares about.

Need some inspiration?

There are many ways to fundraise and help change lives. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Donate your day

Collect donations instead of gifts on a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding.

Raise funds by the mile

As you train for and complete a marathon, triathlon, or cycling event, request that supporters sponsor you.

Hold a mini-event

Invite friends, family, and/or colleagues for a gathering to learn about Mile High 360 and fundraise. Dinner parties, brunches, and movie nights are all great opportunities!

Be creative

Have fun thinking of different ways to mobilize your social circles. We’ll work with you!

We’re here to help

Download our fundraising toolkit for helpful tips, creative resources and more fundraising ideas, including specific ideas for individuals and businesses.