Where We Work

Where We Work

Middle & High Schools
Arrupe Jesuit High School
Bryant-Webster Dual Language School ECE-8
Denver East High School 
Denver North High School
Denver West High School
Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Early College of Denver (CEC)
Lake Middle School
West Leadership Academy
Postsecondary Higher Education
Arapahoe Community College
Colorado Mesa University
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
Community College of Denver
Cornell College
Emily Griffith Technical College
Fort Lewis College
Front Range Community College
Metro State University of Denver
Regis University
Stanford University
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Colorado Denver
University of Denver
University of New Mexico
University of Northern Colorado
Western Colorado University

We work across four key stages in young people’s lives…

We work across four key transitional stages, addressing the social, emotional, and academic challenges our young students face along the way.

Across these stages – from middle school to high school to postsecondary and into a first career – this is where we’re transforming lives. We are combining research with lived experience in order to have a profound impact on the lives of today’s students in need.

Our solution is research-based and informed by lived experiences

The education crisis affects students differently. Our solution – targeted, long-term OST programming through each key transition stage – is adaptable to our students’ needs and helps them succeed on their own terms. We help historically underserved,  first-generation postsecondary students travel their paths with intention and tailored, individualized support.

We design and implement our programming based on the following:

  • The developmental stage of our students and their accessibility to age-appropriate content
  • Student interests, goals, and prior experiences
  • The goal of empowering our students’ self-identity and agency as learners
  • The proven impact of a long-term commitment to student achievement

Four Key Life Transition Stages:

In Middle School...
In High School...
Early Career...

We work with 6th-8th grade students to help them develop identities as members of the Mile High 360 community who are connected to our mission and committed to their peers. We guide our student members to challenge themselves, to support each other, and to listen and to ask questions of their older, more experienced Mile High 360 peers, getting a peek at what lies ahead.

Join us on a 14-year journey from 6th grade to age 24

Setting a strong foundation in middle school

Leigha challenged herself to train for and complete in the 2023 Steamboat Springs Gravel Grinder bike race with 3,000 other cyclists. She shared that, “I never imagined myself riding with 3,000 other people. I heard other Mile High 360 students talking about the race and what an amazing experience it was and I just wanted to try it."

Strengthening commitment during high school

Ariela is actively planning to become the first member of her family to attend college. Seeing her Mile High 360 peers head off to college led Ariela to proclaim, “I can do that,” when a good friend of hers was accepted to a college out-of-state.

Staying the course in postsecondary education

Angel, a Mile High 360 student who enrolled at Colorado Mesa University, learned that he “belongs” in college but is still shocked at how far he has come. He credits Mile High 360 with “helping me see what I am capable of achieving” and “for helping me address struggles, even when I want to run away from them.”

Early career success in the working world

Victor’s journey with Mile High 360 spans more than half of his life. His professional calling is anchored in a desire to “give back and pay it forward.” He credits Mile High 360 with providing opportunities for him to reimagine what his educational and life potential could be.

Empowering first-generation postsecondary students

The untapped talent, skills, and potential of today’s young people is too often predicated – and limited – by the prevailing underlying economic, social, and cultural environments into which they are born. These are the young people we work to empower.

Supporting young people like Arturo

Through Mile High 360’s programming, Arturo accessed Out of School Time opportunities and resources to ensure he could have the choice to attend college. He continues to access Mile High 360 resources, including scholarship support, building social capital, and academic advising.

Working with students’ families

Cinthia, a Mile High 360 student who enrolled at Metropolitan State University of Denver, together with her mother and siblings have participated in more than 20 years of cumulative Mile High 360 programming. Through their connections with Mile High 360, they have accessed resources necessary to be successful in school and to found and operate their own business venture, a fitness center.

Expanding our reach and transforming more lives

As we deepen our impact across these four transitional stages, we are constantly honing our model and improving our approach. We’re working to increase educational opportunities for first-generation postsecondary students to achieve our vision and help accomplish our goal of breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.