About Us

We believe in the power of Out of School Time

Mile High 360 is a community-based nonprofit that empowers first generation postsecondary bound students with long-term, year-round access to essential Out of School Time (OST) resources and opportunities — from 6th grade through age 24.

OST opportunities are key to helping today’s under-resourced students chart a path towards higher education, and with it, productive careers.

Over 14 years, each Mile High 360 student participates in over 3,500 hours of OST activities, including after-school, weekend, and summer programming for an additional three full academic years of schooling. We give our everything every day to empower our students to transform their lives through education.

Out of School Time is a supervised program that young people regularly attend when school is not in session. This can include before- and after- school programs on a school campus or facilities such as academic programs, specialty programs, and multipurpose programs that provide an array of activities.

hours of OST programming

Access to Out of School Time turns poverty into possibility

Young people growing up in underserved communities lack consistent access to out-of-school resources and support critical to a path towards higher education. We exist to combat this education crisis.

We know what works. Access to consistent, long-term OST programming empowers students to achieve their dream of a higher education degree.

Founded on research and lived experience

Since our beginning, we’ve made it our mission to develop OST opportunities for first-generation postsecondary bound students in traditionally underserved communities. Founded as part of a national effort to identify innovative non-school supports that complement traditional in-school learning and translate into improved life outcomes, we leverage our student participants’ lived experiences to design pioneering solutions to the education crisis.

Our approach is proven and powerful

Our programming is based on the proven impact that OST resources and opportunities have on academic achievement.

Today more than ever, access to out-of-school support is a decisive factor critical to the health and economic opportunity of today’s underserved young people growing up in poverty.

Expanding opportunity for under-represented communities

Today’s education crisis focuses on the “achievement gap” while ignoring opportunity gaps that limit the academic and life potential of students from underserved backgrounds.

This is where Mile High 360 comes in. We focus on expanding opportunity by empowering students to reach for their full potential. With greater opportunity, our students can and will achieve more.

An adapting and learning organization

Founding and launch in Denver, Colorado

Mile High 360 is founded as a 501(c)(3) organization with the support of then Denver mayor and current U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper, The Anschutz Foundation, The Denver Athletic Club, The Hashim Khan Foundation, and a dedicated group of community leaders.


Students ask for support during postsecondary years

Mile High 360 students ask for change. In 2015, Mile High 360 responds to the request of its most experienced students to expand programming through postsecondary education and beyond.

Co-Leadership model brings together students and staff

Mile High 360 adopts a youth-adult partnership model of leadership where students and staff co-construct our work. New high school graduation cohort enrolls in Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, and Red Rocks Community College.


New support solution added for families

In response to the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mile High 360’s Board of Directors expands the organization’s interpretation of its mission to include Two-Generation work, providing direct support to students’ parents, families, and guardians.


Neighborhood House becomes new home

After being hosted at the Denver Athletic Club since 2008, Mile High 360 partners with the Denver Housing Authority to make the historic Neighborhood House in La Alma-Lincoln Park our new home — where staff, partners, and students pursue a range of Out of School Time (OST) programming and activities.


Our students are graduating and working!

Our students are earning postsecondary degrees and are entering the workforce! Each year, a new cohort of Mile High 360 students blazes new trails by entering a variety of higher education environments, earning their degree, and pursuing new and previously unimagined career paths.


Committed to financial transparency

Financial transparency is core to the stewardship of our funding partners’ investment in Mile High 360. Through our Form 990s and annual financial reviews and disclosures, we provide detailed breakdowns of our spending methodology to demonstrate clearly and transparently how we deploy our finances to maximize return on your investment.

Share our vision

We envision a world where more children have access to essential Out-of-School Time (OST) resources to help them succeed, regardless of socioeconomic status and family educational background. We seek to do more, efficiently, and in partnership with others to unlock our students’ academic, career, and life potential.

The research behind the work

Mile High 360’s programs are based on documented research in learning, mental health, and student achievement that contribute to the growing understanding of how our educational fabric can address opportunity gaps exacerbated by social and economic status.