Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To ensure that socioeconomic status does not define a child’s future.

Statement of Best Practice

The intentional creation of an encouraging community for individuals to develop an identity of success over time through self-advocacy and education.

Our Values

The Time is Now

A postsecondary degree ​​dramatically improves the quality of life and economic prospects of today’s young people, particularly those from historically disadvantaged communities. We’re here to empower these students with OST opportunity to support their journey to, and through, higher education.

We will achieve our vision through partnership and sustained effort, removing barriers that stand between young people in need and access to educational opportunity. Our approach is rooted in research and we are investing in the inputs that promote educational and life success.

Increasing access to OST programming for today’s first-generation postsecondary students is key to solving the education crisis. 

Partnering for Progress

In partnership with our communities, Mile High 360 seeks to increase access to OST opportunities for young people in need. We seek to spur change at the individual student level. Our approach expands the flow of educational resources and supports, addressing the most significant barriers that children from under-resourced communities face to achieving their full life potential.

We increase access to essential OST supports to ensure that pathways to achievement, independence, and growth can flow to those who need it most.

We’re accelerating progress and impact in these ways:

Partnering directly with middle schools to work with young people to join our next cohort of first-generation postsecondary students

Building partnerships with higher education institutions to accelerate access to postsecondary opportunity

Strengthening the OST educational environment by partnering with like-minded community supporters

Expanding opportunity and changing lives

Our approach is rooted at the intersection of research and lived experience. We are working to help our students transform their lives, a process that takes time, dedication, and investment and spanning key developmental milestones in adolescence and young adulthood. By November 2026, Mile High 360 will have provided over 250,000 hours of Out of School Time programming.