Our Solution

Our solution breaks down the barriers between young people and the transformative power of higher education.

Change of this magnitude doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen on one’s own. It happens through trust-based relationships designed to navigate the difficult journey ahead.

Smart solutions born from research and experience

Academic achievement depends on a host of factors that are out of a school’s direct control — such as health, life skills, economics, and nutrition. Success in school depends on access to these critical resources combined with key intangibles such as self-confidence, resilience, and commitment to the learning process.

Our research-based solution closes the opportunity gap. We engage our students with focused learning programs and personal growth activities to support their academic journey. By complementing school learning, we empower students to reimagine what is possible – in education and in life.

Academics: Individual attention, big impact

Our academic solution supports the formation of positive relationships with learning and commitment to higher education. We engage our students throughout the school year and summer, ensuring access to year-round academic counseling and individualized attention throughout their 14-year journey with Mile High 360.

From tutoring, study skills, and literacy enrichment to SAT prep, college visits, applications, financial aid, and academic advising – our solution is carefully designed to address the unique resource gaps and self-identity challenges faced by first-generation college bound students.

Health & Wellness is key to solving the education crisis

We recognize that health and wellness is critical to addressing the education crisis. That’s why our solution integrates physical activity, nutrition, and emotional well-being.

Through our outdoor cycling program, on-site mental health specialists, nutritional coaching, drug use prevention, and sexual health education, Mile High 360 students develop the skills and confidence to support their academic journey and life potential.

Life Skills: Key to developing independence

Our solution recognizes that success in education and life are the result of more than just school learning. Through building social capital, summer travel and camp opportunities, career preparation, and role model speaker series, we help our students develop critical life skills that support journeys to, and through, higher education.

Mentorship: Relationships are powerful agents of change

Research shows that mentoring has a positive impact on young people in personal, academic, and professional situations. Our solution connects students with an adult mentor with whom they develop strong, trusting relationships that support their personal growth and development.

Two-Generation: Supporting strong, healthy families

We recognize the importance of supporting parents and guardians as critical to their young students’ success. Our 2Gen solution works hand-in-hand with family members to honor their concerns and address challenges such as financial need, cultural values, and communication style.

From direct food and nutritional support to college visits, parental support groups, and business planning services, our solution integrates entire families in the student journey.