Our Partners

“Our partnerships are transformational, not transactional. The generosity of our partners and their genuine interest in our work and in our student members, makes our work possible, bringing us closer to achieving our vision of expanded higher education opportunity.”
Eric Eiteljorg
Executive Director

Solving the education crisis requires teamwork

We are fortunate to work with incredible partners – schools and universities, foundations, financial institutions, and companies – who share our passion and vision. Together, we are changing lives with access to the transformative power of a postsecondary degree.

Our partnerships come in different shapes and sizes — from donations and multi-year grants to in-kind gifts, programming, postsecondary scholarships, sponsorships, internships, and mentorship. There are a variety of ways we can partner together to help achieve our goals and expand educational opportunity.


Corporations, foundations, philanthropies, and individuals provide critical funding to change lives and expand postsecondary opportunity.


Extracurricular programming partners provide experiences, venues, expertise, and skill-building, helping students expand their horizons and reimagine what is possible.


Our educational and employment partners deepen our impact by enhancing their institutional environments to highlight the critical role of OST opportunity and help students thrive in school and career.

Provide transformational funding

Donations and grants from corporations, foundations, and individuals are critical to changing lives with expanded educational opportunity. We build long-term relationships with corporate partners who are actively involved in supporting our students. They enable transformational opportunities for students such as networking and building social capital, skill-building, internships, and career paths. These partnerships are a win-win, strengthening their businesses and helping end the cycle of poverty in their communities.

Access to these enriching experiences is transformational for our students, and you make that possible by funding Mile High 360.

Provide enriching experiences for transformational change

In-kind and experiential opportunities provided by our local and national extracurricular implementation partners are key to our work. They engage Mile High 360 students through activities and events that expand their horizons and help them reimagine what’s possible.

Through summer camp, outdoor expeditions, and after-school programs, our students build confidence and explore the boundaries of what independence looks like for them. These experiences are critical to building belief and a sense of belonging on their postsecondary path.

Expand opportunities for postsecondary success

The schools and postsecondary institutions we work with are pioneering new approaches to supporting first-generation higher education students. They view Mile High 360 as a critical partner contributing to student success.

We collaborate with these partners to advocate for policy and practice changes by highlighting the success of smart, forward-looking models such as Stanford University’s .

Together, we are helping first-generation postsecondary students learn how to address and overcome systemic barriers that stand between them and the transformative power of a postsecondary degree.

Middle & High Schools

We work with in Denver, Colorado to identify new student members to join our programming, and we are poised to add new schools to our roster.

Postsecondary, Higher Education, & Vocational Training Institutions

Mile High 360 students are matriculating into – and graduating from – an expanding array of renowned postsecondary institutions.

Extracurricular Enrichment Organizations

We collaborate with nonprofit, government, and media partners to offer students a range of experiential and life skills education opportunities.

Internships & Careers

Our students gain valuable hands-on internship experience and have found career employment paths with their post-secondary degrees in-hand at these organizations and firms: