360 Happy Hour Cycling Club

About the event

This summer, Mile High 360 is launching a free monthly series of cycling events. Every month, June through October we will meet for rides ending with an opportunity to kick back and socialize.

Join in on a group ride in Morrison at 10:00am on one Saturday a month - the route will be pre-planned and we will end at the Morrison Inn.

Why are we gathering to spend time riding and socializing? Because we can. And, because we want people to have a wonderful time and to learn about Mile High 360's students and programming. These free rides are a chance to participate in Mile High 360’s wonderful community while enjoying time on a bike.


Join us once every month, June – October. Check out the "The Rides" to learn more about the rides and where we'll be celebrating after!


Happy hour is a state of mind best achieved on two wheels. After each ride, cyclists are welcome to join us for a moment to relax and socialize. We will congregate at the Morrison Inn and enjoy some food and beverages outside after a cycle!


If you’re enjoying your experience riding with Mile High 360, bring along a friend or two! Spreading the word is a great way to show support for Mile High 360.

Rules of the road

Helmet Use Is Required

Please wear your helmet and keep your chinstrap buckled.

Remember that this event is taking place on open roads

Motorized traffic will be present.

Obey all traffic signs and signals

Stop at stop signs and lights.

Obey course staff and volunteers
Communicate with other riders around you

We don't want this ride to make you a "lazy" rider so call out “on your left” when passing, alert other riders of hazards in the road (eg. “hole, crack, glass” etc); call out “car back” when appropriate.

Be predictable

Group riding requires more attention than riding alone. Other riders expect you to continue straight ahead at a constant speed unless you indicate differently.

Please be courteous and friendly to all other participants

This is supposed to be fun!

Upcoming Rides

Why this matters

At this Happy Hour Cycling Series, we are gathering to spread awareness and promote engagement with Mile High 360. The cycling series is completely free; Mile High 360 would like to build a community of those who value a holistic approach to OST education. We are empowering under-represented students to support their successful journey to a higher education degree and beyond. Ride with us to support the higher education dreams of today’s first-generation college bound students to achieve their full potential through self-belief, belonging, education and self-empowerment.

Requried Waiver

Please Download and fill out the specific waiver related to the location you are riding with us at.

Morrison Riding Waiver

Ride Schedule

All rides throughout the year will always start at 4:00pm.

September 16th, 2023
@ 10:00am
October 14th, 2023
@ 10:00am